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Follow up on Tunesat trial


Here is the follow up to the May 2009 post. This was written in July of 2009.
I thought I would catch everyone up on my trial run with Tunesat as a number of people have expressed an interest in this service. There have been a couple of glitches to report but I’ll start by reposting part of my earlier post so those who are not up to date will be.

You start with sending Tunesat your music (after signing a contract), currently via a DVD (no FTP yet), and they “fingerprint” it to compare to their monitored networks. For the trial period they will run a scan on Q2 2008 and also 45 days going forward from the day they get you into their system. The cost for the trial period is 50 cents per piece of music and 20% of any monies you recover. In my case I sent them about 150 cues for a fingerprint cost of $76. You are provided with an account page at Tunesat with a list of the detections that include the name of the channel, show name, episode name, date/time, cue title (title you submitted to Tunesat), duration and finally a “Listen” link to hear the detection (with dialog). The point is to check for copyright infringement, shows that that are using your music and not reporting it and/or cross referencing against your cue sheets.

So here we are at 07-12-09 with a couple of problems.

1.) After many promises of running a 2nd quarter 2008 scan within a month of my signing up (May 2009) they have yet to deliver it. Only last week I was finally told they would not be able to deliver that quarter. They would send me May 2008 last Friday and July 2008 by next week. Still waiting for May… In all fairness they have extended my trial way beyond the 45 days. It’s a bummer though, the whole point was to compare their detections against my BMI statements. Very disappointed, I asked for any previous quarter and was told they didn’t have a full quarter!

2.) A number of shows came up in the scan where I had no idea of how the music got on the shows. I called the production company of two of those shows and talked to the executive producer. Naturally he was concerned but one of the great things about Tunesat is the ability to go to their website and listen to the detection as it came off the air. I let the executive producer from the show log in to my account and he played back a few of the detections. He promptly said they were not his shows! They only had female hosts, these had male hosts and American accents (his shows are out of Canada). I called Tunesat and spoke with Chris Woods who explained that they get the schedules periodically and then re-update a couple of weeks later if there are any schedule changes. As these shows were aired in May the schedules should have updated and been corrected, didn’t happen. One of the shows just re-aired and I recorded it and verified that indeed the Tunesat scan did not match the show schedule.

Even though I am disappointed in these glitches the service is pretty amazing. The fact is I found out that we had much more music airing every month than I thought. Even though some of the schedules did not match up, the music was aired and detected.

I am still waiting for May and July 2008.

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