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New To Music Library Report?



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We also have many helpful videos on navigating the world of production music.

Newbie Info – As MLR attracts more and more newbies to the music library world I’ve collected various posts that deal with recurring questions. Please check these links first! Continue reading

Specific music library questions/comments – Just a reminder that the forum is not a place for any specific music library related questions or comments except for here (subscription required). Please ask them under a particular library’s listing. It’s the only way to build a knowledge base of composer’s experiences. Any forum references to a particular library will be deleted.

Disappearing Posts – My web host flags very long posts and I have very robust spam fighting tools so a post may end up in the moderation queue. It’s the main reason you will find little, if any, spam on MLR! If your post does not appear please contact me and I will release it, as long as it’s appropriate. No profanity please! Also, please see this post if you are having problems. https://musiclibraryreport.com/forums/topic/mac-safari-and-wordpress/.

Trouble logging in? – Please try clearing you browser’s cache and history for musiclibraryreport.com or try another browser. You could also try using a “Private” window or “Incognito mode” in your browser. See this link if you are not sure on how to do that. If you still have problems please contact me.


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