Critique Please – Sunny Ukelele


From subscriber Eric.

Is the overall sound quality good enough. I’m going after cute ad placements like Apple products, children’s stuff, etc. How’s the drum sound/quality? Does the “whoop!” sound detract (at 0:13, 0:45, 0:55). (It was a bass “artifact” that I thought sounded kind of cool) Is this solid contender? if not, why not?



5 thoughts on “Critique Please – Sunny Ukelele

  1. I would echo the same things as previous posters.

    It’s a solid track, well written and builds really well while also not getting off the beaten path.

    The ending is a bit abrupt, if going for a buttoned ending I feel like just a second or two more would’ve felt less jarring maybe?

    The synth/organ was the only thing that stuck out to me as needing to be improved upon in terms of instrumentation quality. It doesn’t sound organic enough alongside the other sounds IMO. Maybe just a better synth patch?

    Otherwise really well done, could be used in a plethora of applications I would think.

  2. I liked the entire thing. Perhaps just kick back the snap slap on that snare a little bit and then it’s golden.

  3. I agree with odie76, the snare/rim sound is a bit harsh. I think it could easily be fixed with EQ, just roll back the mid highs a little. To me, the “whoop” sounds like a little dog barking. I like your chord changes. The attack on the lead sound could be sharpened up a bit in my opinion. I like the shaker too. The panned claps could maybe be narrowed in the mix just a bit.

  4. It’s not a comment on the sound quality, but just thought I’d mention that the only thing I don’t like about this track is the snare/rim sound, as I find it a bit ‘harsh’ and distracting in this context.

  5. First off… I am by no means an expert and I’m fairly new at this myself so these are just my opinions… I like the track, it moves well, has a nice flow. Certainly do 30 and 45 second edits. My approach would have been to use the Uke for the melody in place of the organ/synth line. I do use synth sounds a lot myself though. But you do play a uke melody at the end which I thought would sound nice at the start of track. I don’t mind the Whoop at all… I checked out some of your other tracks on SC, very nice…

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