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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone have any advice for getting BMI to make corrections for placements that they didn’t pay out on? I have heard a lot of people suggest to just wait until the next quarter to see if a placement shows up on the next statement, however I routinely have 10-15 new placements each quarter that BMI doesn’t include and rarely do they show up on the next statement. A lot of these placements are coming from JP and I have contacted them in the past but they didn’t really do much in helping me get them corrected. I have also spoken with a rep from BMI but saw no real effort in making the corrections. Is there a better way to go about this? Do I need to track down copies of the cue sheet to get an adjustment made and if so who would I need to contact to get a copy of the cue sheet? Would having Tunesat detections and/or video of the episode/production help? It is pretty frustrating to lose on such a big chunk of royalties quarter after quarter! Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Art Munson

    This has been discussed here many times. Check out:

    Cue Sheet Success Stories

    Also use the search box in the upper right for either cue sheet, Tunesat, PRO, BMI, etc.

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    Sean Clark

    If any of these placements are from the Scripps Network, then there is no payment for the composer.
    A pain that we all suffer from in the US if we work with certain companies.
    Otherwise…what Art said:)

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    To what Sean said, first check if the placements were on Scripps channels. You can see which ones they are at:

    Unfortunately, most Scripps shows “direct license” and don’t participate with PROs. I get quite a few of these- not sure if from JP but I suspect at least some of them are. Also unfortunate is some libraries blanket license to Scripps shows and share none of that blanket fee with composers, not even a few pennies.

    If these shows air outside the US, you will get PRO money. But that will take a while (if ever) and depending on the country, could be very little money.

    If these placements were NOT on Scripps channels, then what Art said– that link.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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