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    Dear fellow composers,

    Recently I upgraded my studio set up from a Reason-only system to Digital Performer 8 + Komplete Ultimate 10. Quite a rough learning curve since I never had been using any other DAW than Reason, and never touched VSTs.

    Although sales are pretty good on tracks I make in Reason, I do have the goal to expand my composing skills to other genres, notably orchestral: It is very hard in Reason to get a satisfactory sound in that style (although some of my previous attempts at Reason based orchestral tracks sold not too bad in RF).

    Now, after a lot of head scratching and nose in manuals and watching tutorials, I am starting to get it and a workflow is progressively setting itself: Exciting musical times in front of me!

    I am creating my first real orchestral edits using the new tools at my disposal and as I could expect hit some frustrations: I am not too happy with flutes and orchestral horns / Brass in the Kontakt Factory bank. My budget being dried up, I am looking at low priced orchestral packages to fill in the gaps.

    I have two in mind
    Garritan Personal Orchestra 4th Edition (Around 80 E with a 30% discount). I noted it has a few Project SAM instruments included inside, so I would tend to go for this one.

    Miroslav Philarmonic (Around 150 Euros). It is an old library but I read a lot of good about it.

    Any advice or suggestions ? Maybe other packages that you would recommend bellow the 300E mark?



    you can do some amazing things with this:

    Instant Orchestra


    Hi Eduardo,

    I’m not familiar with the latest edition of GPO. I had, but never used the original.

    This Orchestra is a great deal right now…about $100 USD

    It’s from Peter Siedlaczek, the same person behind Sample Modeling. This library is an updated version of his Advanced Orchestra. I might even buy it again, just for the extra articulations.

    Here are two tracks that I did with Advanced Orchestra 15 years ago!

    If you have more to spend:




    I almost bought Orchestral Essentials recently; still might. But Spitfire had 50% off their Albion series so I bought them all! Might take me a while to master them!


    Forgot about Albion. Good libraries.
    Definitely not cheap. You can get EWQLSO for less.


    Hey Michael,
    The first thing I heard were your short excerpts made 15 years ago. Quite impressed, I investigated further your suggestion. I am under the charm. The demos of this library are amazing, very creative, and the sounds have a certain crystalline touch that is very pleasing. Definitely, she has some character. Thanks Michael for making me discover this package (Peter Siedlaczek). It wasn’t on my list of candidates, but that’s what I’m getting :-).
    Musical Greetz


    Thanks Edouardo! There’s a lot in there for the price. I still use Advanced Orchestra samples to fill in gaps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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