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    At this point, I’ve got 8-10 letters from Harry Fox on behalf of Spotify. The number of mistakes is suspicious. I think Spotify is deliberately making it difficult to trace copyright owners for payment.


    It definitely comes across as a completely disorganized mess. I have several records streaming on spotify, google play, deezer, pandora, etc for about 18 months now. I do make decent money from the streaming seen only because there has been investment in promoting the music. Uploading spreadsheet data to HFA was not at all a smooth and easy process. I affiliated with them to collect streaming mechanicals. So far all I have recouped is my affiliation fee. HFA also has not paid me for several tunes that have more than 200,000 streams. I guess bad IRSC codes was the culprit.

    Here is my advice: you certainly have nothing to lose but time when trying to stream your records, just make sure you have your spreadsheets in squeaky clean shape so that everything is in order to enable you to collect from HFA. Getting you music “distributed” through CD Baby, Tunecore, Distro Kid or any other service that does this is not enough. You have to find ways to promote the music and gain an audience. That my friends is the very hard part.

    Needless to say, I have to believe there is a lot incorrect reporting, mistakes, and a bit of corruption going on in these markets. Favoritism will always be granted to those who have the most clout: Universal Music Group and their mega artists.

    As an independent artist, you can make some money here, it just takes time to figure it all out. I still am figuring this out (when I actually have time for it)


    I have received two notices from HFA (May 2018) which is a joke getting anyone on the phone. I saw earlier posts here stating email is just as wasteful in time. My issue is they have my name and the title of a song that I wrote both lyric and a melody for but I NEVER went into studio and put out a finished song through Tunecore. I submitted it to the Library of Congress only. I did have two songs through Tunecore but they have been down for awhile so this all seems strange to me. I also saw others here mention errors in the information in the notices they had received as well. Can anyone explain what is going on with these companies? HFA? Spotify?

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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