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    I’ve got a couple of pending web queries out with ASCAP that have gone unanswered for a couple of months. Has anyone else experienced this recently, or are they just dodging me because they don’t like my questions???

    I’d asked for clarification as to whether you can leave registered cues with them as “legacy cues” and then move to a different PRO and continue registering new cues with the new PRO. I’d read that on this site and wanted to hear it from them, but so far no response. That’d be the easiest way to switch from ASCAP to another PRO since it wouldn’t require contacting and having all of the publishers who already have my music change the PRO info on their side.

    ASCAP’s lack of communication doesn’t improve my faith that they’re working as hard as possible for me. Just wanted to check to see if anyone else has thoughts on this.

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    I’m thinking that aspect of ASCAP is currently closed down. Try calling them.

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    Hey Rhythmscott,

    Calling them wont do any better. The rep will just tell you they only answer questions regarding your issue via the message inquiry and they will get to your message soon. Unless you have an inside contact rep, most of the time its a hurry up & wait game. I’ve had tons of messages that I’ve sent within the last year. Some were answered quickly and some have still been unanswered.

    You definitely can leave your legacy cues with ASCAP and start fresh with a new PRO. I just did the same thing this year. I’m getting new cues registered with my new PRO and my legacy cues are still with ASCAP collecting royalties.

    Trust this info helps.

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    Yes, sometimes that’s their reply. However, they have helped me via the phone at times. I reckon it’s who answers the phone. Some will go the extra mile.

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    Thanks for the firsthand feedback and advice everybody!

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    I’ve done a few inquiries with ASCAP over the year and they always take months to reply. Plus, you can’t delete the messages from your account after the fact. They just keep piling up! Calling on the phone is almost useless as you’re on hold for a loooong time, and they usually just refer you to using the website for such things. Once I got good info from an office in LA rather than calling their main “help” line. Good luck.

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    anyone know yet when they wiill be paying out for Q1 2020 this month?

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    Michael Nickolas

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    I’d asked for clarification as to whether you can leave registered cues with them as “legacy cues” and then move to a different PRO and continue registering new cues with the new PRO.

    Yes you can do this. I moved to BMI about 7 years ago. You can leave your ASCAP titles behind and ASCAP will still pay you. You can even re-title the same non-exclusive/RF titles with BMI if you keep the titles completely different.

    ASCAP Title: Road to Victory
    BMI Title: Path to Glory

    If you still work with any RF/non-exclusive libraries who handle publishing you need to notify them you’re moving and ask them if they prefer to keep the titles with ASCAP or re-register them with BMI. (They may very well prefer to re-register through their BMI publishing entity so the writing and publishing match-up, but ultimately the choice is theirs to make…)

      In case a similar question comes up that I had recently:

    You can also register with any foreign PRO in addition to your domestic PRO. I.e. I’ve been writing for a UK trailer label this past year. I want to sign up for PRS in order to be paid directly vs waiting longer, and avoid both PROs eating my revenue by siphoning off an ‘administrative’ fee… So in this scenario any future cues specific to that library, or another exclusive UK-only library get registered directly with PRS. Any BMI titles will not be re-retitled, only new cues exclusively published in the UK will.

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