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    Dr. Duncan

    This site looks very helpful and I enjoyed reading for some time on all the topics. I apologize, but I was not able to find the question at hand in my search for the question – “What is the best course of action when I see the status “Possible Match” come up with the registration of 5 of the 23 songs I’ve registered (as a Publisher and Writer). The songs are unique and the titles registered are unique.
    1.) Should I give it some time and ASCAP will come back within a few weeks and decide the title is unique.
    2.) Should I try to get in touch with ASCAP and let them know that I have never published a song by this unique title registered and that the songs to be published under this song title within the next couple of weeks are quite unique as well.
    3.) Is it possible they decide the new song title registration is too similar (very unlikely by this name) and that I need to re-title the song. If so, how different does it need to be – to be able to be registered.
    4.) Are they simple trying to find out if they need to merge this song title registration with another song title? – if so, how do I let them know that this song title is quite unique and meant to go with an original song that is in the process of being distributed/ published

    – You may already have a lot of info on this topic – if so, can you give me the link to the info and I will read further.
    Deepest gratitude for your help in all matters on this string/ topic – and many of the others.
    (PS) – Is there a way to search topics? – thank you again for all

    in Christ,
    Romans 6:23

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    Happy Ears

    I’ve had possibly matches listed for years, it’s seem to be some kinda of automated flagging for their team to check out. it’s never been an issue for me and I don’t worry about it. If you are concerned, just create an inquiry from within your ascap account and ask them, they are pretty good at answering within a few days. If you find out something interesting, please post it on this site. Cheers!

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    Xave Ryan

    Hi folks. Does possible match simply mean a track with the same name? If that’s what it refers to them it wouldn’t really be a problem would it? I mean you cant copyright a title. Sorry if I’m completely off course here. Cheers.

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    Art Munson

    Dr. Google says this for PRS and may mean the same for all PROs.

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    Hi all,
    I wasn’t sure where to put this comment Art, but I had about 30 cue sheets disappear out of my ASCAP account today. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Cue sheets sometimes disappear on ASCAP and then reappear. Not sure why but it shouldn’t be an issue.

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