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    I’m already a writer with ASCAP and am in the process of signing up as a publisher now. Under the membership agreements, there’s an option to let ASCAP represent you in regards to the Audio Home Recording Act. I’m having a hard time finding much information online of what exactly this means. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to let ASCAP to represent you for this?


    I wish someone would answer you about this– I read it might be some type of lie by the RIAA… it was signed in 1992… I don’t know.

    Art Munson

    There’s no inherent downside to letting ASCAP represent you for the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) if you’re already a member. Here’s what it means:

    Benefits of ASCAP Representation:

    Convenience: ASCAP handles the administrative burden of collecting royalties from the AHRA on your behalf. This can be especially helpful if you don’t want to deal with the paperwork yourself.
    Expertise: ASCAP has experience navigating the legalities of the AHRA and can ensure you receive what you’re entitled to.

    Things to Consider:

    It’s Optional: You aren’t obligated to use ASCAP for AHRA royalties. You can represent yourself or use another entity.
    Fees: ASCAP may charge a fee for collecting AHRA royalties. Check their membership agreement details for any associated costs.

    Overall, letting ASCAP represent you simplifies the process and leverages their expertise. If fees aren’t a concern, it’s a safe option.

    Here are some resources for further reading:

    ASCAP Digital Audio Recording Fact Sheet: [ASCAP Digital Audio Recording Fact Sheet ON]


    ASCAP’s representation under the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) essentially means they would manage your rights regarding royalties from the sale of digital audio recording devices and media. By allowing ASCAP to represent you in this regard, they would ensure that you receive fair compensation for your creative work that may be copied through these devices.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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