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    Art Munson

    A bit late for this topic but thought I would post anyway.

    Anything unusual in your 8-18-22 payment for 2022Q1?

    Our payout was about the same as the last few quarters, not great but decent. A few interesting points.

    1. International and U.S. royalties were very close to 50/50.

    2. Lots of pretty bleak Internet Audio and Audiovisual earnings. Netflix and Hulu seem to pay the best.

    3. A couple of SD (Short Duration) Commercial Radio cues came in at $22 and $47.

    4. One shocker was a track used on Australian radio that paid $753! Have no idea what that was for.

    5. Discovery still paying decently. There was that rumor they were going to go the way of Scripps after buying them.

    How about you? Anything notable?

    Art Munson

    Bumpy, bump.


    Overall really good, couple points that were interesting to me.

    – Had some tiny payments from CBS, 25 seconds each for 1.74$ and 2.97$
    – Had some higher than expected payments on Bally Sports, Sportsnet, Tennis Channel and Netflix
    – Received for the first time payments from Canada, looks like the NBC shows pay quite well there too compared to my ABC ones.


    Some of the nice surprises that stood out for me were “FACEBOOK 2H” $708 in streaming royalties for tracks used in ads. These same tracks also aired on broadcast TV. ads. It’s nice that regular commercials streaming on facebook are getting paid. As a whole, “Internet audio” (FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE) are now paying something. I earned $880 in total for my “internet audio” whereas it used to just be a few pennies it seemed.

    HGTV Paid some royalties.

    Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus, HULU, TUBI, PEACOCK aka “Internet audio visual” Still pay very little. These are the same shows that run on cable and broadcast TV but can be watched as “streaming on Demeand”

    The CW WPIX is a big disappointment. I personally have my music getting used as opening news themes, bumpers in and out of commercials during the morning, noon, and evening newscasts for New York City, The United States largest market with the largest viewing audience and those plays pay $0 I assume in a gratis deal. These tracks literally are detected on TUNESAT often 10 times per day yet they do not pay a performance royalty.

    BMI international royalties do not seem to pay out as well as ASCAP (int’l) does so that’s still a head scratcher for me.

    Seems like we are making positive progress as media evolves into multiple broadcast and streaming platforms. FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE,
    Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus, HULU, TUBI, PEACOCK clearly are new and evolving revenue streams for the PRO’s, still slow to catch up with broadcast TV.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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