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    I’ve been doing instrumental music and sending to the usual channels. Ive recently started working with a young female singer with a pop sounding voice and have recontacted a lyricist that is good with modern lyrics. We’ve got some tracks that I think would be great for a few contemporary established singers and I’d like some advice on getting them in front of a legit songplugger .

    In the past Ive sent my instrumentals to libraries listed here and have had little luck. I feel a bit of immediacy to these new tracks and dont want them to get lost in the back files of a library who may not connect with them.

    Any ideas?

    Art Munson

    Songpluggers, do they still exist? Back in the day I worked with a songplugger in L.A. and Nashville. My impression was that they were more interested in the income they could generate from their songwriter clients. Not to say it’s a bad idea but I would be careful and go into it with your eyes wide open.


    Getting an artist cut, even with great songs, is extremely difficult, with very low odds of success. Remember, the artists have a stable of established writers and it’s a pretty closed part of the business. I don’t want to burst your bubble if this is your life dream but that’s reality. My personal opinion, FWIW, is you’d be better off pitching these songs for Film/TV, through music libraries that place vocal songs. To that end, keep the lyrics fairly universal- no specific names, dates, places, etc., focusing on common emotions and themes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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