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    Looked at my statements today and yes! Finally seeing some decent payouts. Mostly thanks to placements on CBS (Lucky Dog) and Discovery’s American Heroes Channel (Gunslingers). But also surprised to see fairly decent payouts from a few Canadian placements. Even some in Austria, Israel, Brazil and UK. My Pandora payout is also going up each quarter. Sadly, internet View-on-Demand payout is horrible. Can’t put your eggs all in one basket, for sure!


    Congrats Dave!
    Great quarter for me as well,faith restored :)))

    Not many surprises regarding music libraries.
    Apart from 1 NE that finally took off,the usual suspects (a couple exclusive ones) did the trick once again.
    I’m grateful specially to 1 of them,they keep spreading the tracks to various shows and managed to get me 4-digit royalties for this Q.

    On the contrary,5 pages of Hulu and Amazon Vod streams made me $62!
    Overall,an unexpectedly well Q.


    3245 Hulu views of Lucky Dog gave me a whopping 0.15. Pathetic….


    Up slightly.

    The biggest surprise is $111 for what has to be a nearly 20-year old track that was used in a TV show in Taiwan.

    Go figure. The gift that keeps on giving.


    Best for me as well. Most of it came from International. Nice surprise!


    Very encouraging guys thanks for sharing. Today’s BMI statement is my very first since I started pursuing tv/film placements a year and a half ago. Only 3 shows that had multiple airings thanks to one of my exclusives.

    Each placement was on a different network so it was interesting to see the variation in payout. (i know usage length, time of day, ratings are a factor) No steak dinner here more like two shots at the bar but no complaints I’m in it for the long haul.

    Art Munson

    Well, bummer for me. Down about 20% and that’s 87 pages! The Amazon and Netflix are particularly pathetic. Many at .01 cent. Never know what to expect these days!


    @daveydad: yep,you need a gazillion of Hulu streams to get a few dollars!

    I would like your insight about Pandora btw.Who can submit music there and is it affiliated with Youtube Content ID?
    This could be a bit off-topic so,feel free to pm if you want.

    : 20-year old track end up in Taiwan tv;nice!!!
    The most exotic place my music has travelled so far is Hawaii.
    Unless Norway is considered exotic!


    I’ve only been at this for about 3 years so I know it takes time. I’m confused about the Lucky Dog placement I had on CBS. Under the Count column it shows 408. Does this mean 408 episodes? If so, and I made $116, this comes to 0.28 per episode. This can’t be right… is it?


    If so, and I made $116, this comes to 0.28 per episode. This can’t be right… is it?

    Yes, if the 408 performances were on local CBS affiliate stations rather than network broadcasts.


    It says CBS Network Television. Of course, the placing library took 50%


    Just asked the library who placed the track and they said that’s the episode number, not number of airings. So they makes it more like $39 for each of 3 cues used. Better….


    SAME HERE! \m/\m/

    Man oh man I was loosing faith in BMI until this quarter. Last quarter was dismal, and last year was all over the place for me…


    Best for me as well.

    Well, bummer for me. Down about 20% and that’s 87 pages!

    Lesson to be learned: one person’s best numbers may be another person’s worst.


    Mine was within a few dollars of the last several quarters. Like I have said before, I really thought I’d see my numbers going up. What do you think the reason is? Is it that BMI’s payout amount has gone down (or the split has changed), or is it that there are too many composers vying for a piece of the pie? No sour grapes really, the industry is what it is. Here’s to hoping the next quarter is everyone’s best yet!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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