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    I’ve got several hard drives backing up my work, but I’ve not got round to setting up some cloud storage as an extra backup yet. What are people’s recommendations for cloud storage services? There’s so many out there I wondered what’s the best for price, reliability and ease of use


    Dont use it myself but have heard good things about Backblaze

    Art Munson

    I have used a few of them:

    Amazon A3. No storage costs but you will get killed on traffic costs. I am backing up five computers on a daily basis. About $160 per month.

    Google Drive: $250 per year for 5TB – Up to 5 users. Too expensive for me.

    Apple iDrive: $60 for 5TB the first year and $80 a year after that but only one user. Killer deal for me and that’s who I went with.

    Roscoe Foderotz

    I use Backblaze and it works well!!


    Good topic!


    Apple iDrive for me too. I paid $19 for 2TB the first year, upgraded to 5TB for $60 the second year and now they offered me a 50% discount to keep the same plan for a third year. The best VFM choice imo.


    Doing a free trial of BackBlaze now…


    I’ve been using Backblaze for a few years and it’s excellent! One yearly cost per computer, no matter how many drives/storage you have hooked up to it… everything gets backed up.

    Boulishious Bird

    For me Dropbox works fine


    I tried the back blaze route, it was nice.
    But when comes the time to actually download files, its a little more cumbersome.
    You can’t download a whole folder easily, you have to wait for the website to create a “snapshot” and this can takes a few minutes depending on the folder size.

    I decided lately to go the dropbox route.
    It was hard because I had to re-upload 8 TB of data, but it’s really worth it.
    Now if I need to open an old session, old folder projects, I just click on a folder and hit the selective sync button.

    Prices wise, it’s more expensive than back blaze… but it’s unlimited data if you choose the dropbox business account with only 3 members (by default, it is 5 which’s more expansive)
    So now for the same amount of data as back blaze and even more (as it’s unlimited) I pay around 77,40 euros. With backblaze it was around 38 dollars.

    I will probably upload my whole samples data (around 8 TB) to have a backup.

    With fiber connection, it’s really easier to go the cloud route…


    I’ve been happy with Backblaze. A few times, I’ve been at my girlfriend’s house, and I’ve been able to download a backup of some of my projects from their website, to work on them there. Then I’ll move it to my google drive so I can access it when I’m back hom.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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