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    Interesting article here – Blockchain. Does anyone have any more information, or views on this?

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    Art Munson

    Fascinating article and here I thought blockchain had only to do with Bitcoin. Thanks TechNoiZ!

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    Hi Art,

    Yes. Definitely something to think about now. If in the future the technology behind Bitcoin could be used to make an electronic (music) file a unique document with information about who created it, ownership, copyright, licensing and publisher info an intrinsic part of the file itself then every copy of it would be just that – a copy – an unlicensable, undocumented counterfeit – still able to be listened to presumably, but not exploited.

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    Shawn Nourse

    Here’s a great presentation to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain and the potential for future applications. “Guru” Bitcoin spokesperson, Andreas Antonopoulos:

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    Hi Shawn,

    Great clip. Wading through it 15 mins at a time and letting it slowly sink in :-). Bitcoin may, or may not, please the establishment but the technology that makes it work – the use of blockchain – is undeniably successful.

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