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    Anyone belong to or know how BMAT works and costs?

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    Yes I use them since 3 years. They cost a bit less than tunesat and are focused on Europe for what I know but I am not sure. Very nice people, based in Barcelona. Their tracking is incredibly sensible, I get lots of false positives which I prefer to the zilch trackings I get from tunesat in comparison. A real plus is that in your tracking account you can check the video where your music supposedly played. There is also another big one in England called Soundmouse which I also use but I dont have a tracking acc. and no idea how much they charge. Soundmouse reports to GEMA directly for commercials and Bmat reports to Gema directly for German state TV ( ARD-ZDF etc.) Silvermouse/Soundmouse work directly with the BBC.

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    it is really on a case by case basis.
    Its surely.a lot more costy than tunesat.. but a lot more useful with a better interface and a way to visualize exactly where, which, and when your catalog works. With beautiful graphs, numbers.
    The nice thing is you can have the video of your detections (quality depending on which channels, some are really low quality, other are better)

    The cons of BMAT is if you do sample-based music (loops or even multi-sampled virtual instruments ), it will sometimes detect a s**t load of ….. false positives.
    I can have at times 10 to 15 false positives everyday.
    And not necessary loop based false positives, but sometimes Bmat wil recognize one string sustain note and says “hey it’s one of your cue !” whereas it’s totally not one of your cue. But a particular show uses a music in which there is ONE string sustain,let’s say a Db3 , from symphobia sustain patch, and the detection engine is so precise it will detects that in that show in that particular moment, it’s the same string sustain NOTE that you also have in one of your track.

    Some days I don’t have any false positive, but someday I do have a s**t load… it can becomes really annoying.

    Finally i’d say bmat is like 10 to 20 times more expensive than Tunesat.

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    Yes I had lots of false positives too but a lot more accurate ones than tunesat which simply misses tracks in comparison. the prices are negotiable but too high in general for me. Since I only tracked Europe bmat was comparable to tunesat.

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