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    So What’s the word, how did everyone due this time around? Things normalize?
    My statement was decent but smaller then I hoped for.

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    Art Munson

    Our payment was decent enough and in line with what we expected. A little bit more than last quarter with International down but US up. A nice payment from the YES channel. Have never heard of them. Could live on it but would be a challenge. Still, a decent passive income.

    A couple of oddities. Facebook, of all things, paid much higher for Internet Audio, around $45 compared to single pennies from the likes of Spotify. For Internet Audiovisual Netflix paid pretty good, about $400, mainly from Rust Valley Restorers. Mostly pennies for all the others.

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    I’m receiving BMI royalties for the past 7+ years and this was the best Q so far!!! Didn’t expect it considering the whole covid situation. Like Art said, Facebook and Netflix payments were surprisingly good this quarter. Some good payments from Netherland, Denmark and Australia too.

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    A surprisingly good quarter for me which was helped by a track that made it on Fox Sports Men’s college basketball as well as AT&T Sportsnet and Yes network. The track was never used previously (in a library for 3 years). Art, the Yes network mainly televises Yankees baseball games.
    Hulu beat out all the other internet streaming services.
    Israel seems to pay well even though they are a pretty small country. United Kingdom does well also.

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    i had my best quarter since i got my first royalty statement beginning of 2018 so very happy about that. 55% of this statement was from a large amount of international royalties that fiinallly came through from a TV commercial i landed in Poland back in 2018. incredible amount from a country still not even in the euro so very thankful for that.

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    My statement was in line with what Art said. A little higher overall. US up, international down.

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    I’d love to hope this qtr was “the new normal”, but I don’t really have the faith for that. :). Mine was very good this time – not the best but above what I’ve been getting for the last couple of years. Foreign was EXCELLENT! Streaming is picking up a bit.

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    My international was down as well, but my US side was at its highest ever, so overall my highest quarter. This is largely thanks to Tough as Nails and The Bachelor airing in the same quarter.

    I did have an oddly good streaming payout this time as well. Netflix alone was the same amount as all of my streaming combined last quarter. Hulu also did some good work!

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