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    Hello all.

    In 2014 I had a song placed numerous times in an infomercial that was broadcast 11 times on CBS, according to TuneSat.

    I kept waiting for the broadcasts to show on my BMI statement but they never did. About six months ago I contacted BMI and they said they would investigate.

    I followed up again this week and got this reply:

    “We still have not received a cue sheet for the program. No distribution can be made without the cue sheet. In addition, all claims for adjustments to royalty distributions must be made within nine months of the date of the distribution seeking to be adjusted. The performances you listed took place in 2nd quarter 2014 which was distributed on 1/16/2015. Any claim for an adjustment needed to be received by October 2015.”

    What do you guys make of the communication from BMI? What would you suggest?

    Also, is SESAC any more helpful in this regard? … I have a friend who has indicated he would refer me to SESAC.

    I just replied to clear up that last sentence of the BMI response, but it sounds like I’m out of luck, and BMI will not do any more on this issue.

    I should have kept better track of connecting Tunesat listings to BMI listings, that’s what I’ve learned here.


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    Art Munson

    Hey angopop, yes BMI can be less than helpful at times. You do have to submit a claim within that window.

    Have you tried contacting the infomercial company and getting the cue sheet from them? I have had pretty good luck contacting companies directly, not necessarily for cue sheets but they will usually help if they can. If you can get your hands on that cue sheet BMI may just pay you. Many times BMI pays years later on shows.

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    Thanks Art.

    Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube and the product and their website are out of business.

    I don’t know who produced the infomercial, and I didn’t download it … I’m doing a search to see if I can find a cached copy of the video.

    Shoulda downloaded the video … you always think things will live forever on the web …

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    Update… By online search I found the editor for the infomercial so I will contact him to see if he can either provide a cue sheet or connect me with someone who can … any advice from anyone who has pursued this course?

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