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    hey folks just had my first couple of themes used on sports network BTN. curious to know what kinda payments themes on that network can bring compared to typical BG for anyone who has had any?

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    I’ve had music on BTN before (nearly a full minute of my track) and the royalties were very low. The program aired at least 10x and at MOST I received about 10 cents total. It’s one of the lesser-paying channels in my experience. But you never know when you’ll get caught in a survey, if you are with ASCAP. I have yet to have that luxury but hopefully someday!

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    oh man i’ve already had my fair share of placements on BTN when i was with ASCAP and never received a penny. since moving to BMI thou i have received some decent payments from BTN, some lines on my statement over $200. that was all BG (background instrumental) thou so i’m curious to how well a theme will pay as i know themes are supposed to be the best paying performances in this business.

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    Congrats Danny! Not sure about themes but BG placements on BTN can be in the low 3-digits sometimes. Some others are much lower but, yeah, BMI at least pays for these BTN placements. I hope your theme will be in some primetime show!

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    thanks Kubed i might have to wait until BMI’s distribution in August to find out if its a decent pay out for the theme. i learnt not to get my hopes up after landing a feature placement in the NFL AFC game in 2021 which only paid about $100. crazy business 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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