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    Hi everyone, I find myself doing 6-8 edits for every new cue that I create. My question is, does anybody ever change the tempos of their alts/edits to get a true “30 second edit” for example? A lot of times I find myself starting a 15 or 30 second edit in the middle of a section, but with a little adjustment in tempo, it might make it easier to get exactly 30 seconds. Although I have done copy and pasting to get close to 30 seconds as well. My only concern is that the buyer might not want the tempo adjusted for an edit, but if it were only 2-3 BPM away, they might not notice. And for that matter, they might see the 30 second edit FIRST so they wouldn’t notice a tempo change. Thoughts?

    Michael Nickolas

    I don’t. The only time stretching I do will occasionally be on the final hit, if cutting and fading it to fit to :30 isn’t working.


    Like Michael, I don’t change tempos either. A library I work with does the cut-downs and they’re always spot-on and musical. Listening to their cut-down edits, I learned some tricks: they might start with a pickup beat, or make a 4/4 measure 5/4 by looping/repeating a part of a phrase.


    As already mentioned I’ll do things like start on a pick up, add beats (section transitions are good for this), and I always get the cymbals stemmed out separately so we have an audio ‘band-aid’ to cover over any odd meter. An easy way to lose two beats is to use the first half of one bar with the 2nd half of a later one.


    I have found that if I make a version of the original session (Save as.. whatever the name.. Cut-down version) Grab The End/Tail, Grab the main portion, find my desired length, and slap them together.

    If the tail is too long, I shorten the effects on anything that is running long..

    it’s always on beat, and easy to find where the edits make the most sense to have a “as natural as possible sounding version”


    Take a screenshot with all the 4 previous replies (from Michael Nicholas to BEATSLINGER), print it and put it in good use for your future 15,30,60 seconds edits.
    All of them are far better options than altering BPM,a crucial element of your mix. You don’t need the clients wondering if the 30-sec cut is sounding different than all the other versions of your track!


    Thanks for the great tips everyone! Much appreciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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