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    I know this topic has a few threads, but I was wondering if people can comment on their experiences using some of these services that provide composers a searchable website library. Tell me your pros and cons.

    Here are the ones I’ve found:
    StockMusic Templates
    Harvest Media
    There might be some other ones, if so, let me know.


    I know DISCO provides a platform to post your library that is less expensive than Source Audio. I haven’t signed up yet so I don’t know how searchable it is within your own Account. or the entire platform.

    Art Munson

    I have to put in a plug for my brother’s site Starts at $10 per month.


    This is something I’m curious about as well since I feel like I’d rather partner with a few composers (strength in numbers) and try to build something together.


    Art, thanks for the composerspace link.


    I just finished my site with composrspace. Great price and great support! I had a question, and Scott called me to help me work it out. It’s relatively strait forward and easy to work with, and I think it looks good. Highly recommend!

    Here is the site.


    Thank you Art!


    Thank you audioscott!!


    Interesting idea echoflex. How would you envision it working?


    Hey Scott,

    I work in post production and we are always grabbing production music from pond 5, audioo, premium beats, etc… I can refer a client to my music, but I only have 100+ tracks of varying genres. And if we are looking for a corporate acoustic pop track, and I have 8 of those, we can try all and they might not work. And even if they do choose a track of mine from Pond 5 or wherever, I’m not getting all of the money.

    So if I was partnered with 3 or 5 or ??? Composers on a site where 100% of the track cost goes to the composer, it’s a win. I might not sell a track of mine, but the client would be happy they found something and be more likely to come back. Obviously the big sites have thousands of tracks, so it’s hard to compete.

    It would be worth advertising to the buyers that ALL of the money they are spending is going to the composer. Many don’t know/care that the $30 they spent at Pond 5 is being cut down to $5-10 for the composer.

    This is just random thoughts in my head. I can see a big issue being managing the site and someone would need to do that and then they would need some kind of compensation and there are probably lots of things I haven’t thought of. Anyone reading this who wants to shoot holes in this idea PLEASE DO! It will only help flush out the possibsilities.

    Art Munson

    We tried this here on MLR, with a number of composers, working with LicenseQuote. The biggest problem we ran into was who was going to be “allowed” in the library. The thinking being it had a tendency to be elitist. Who was going to make the decision on who would be allowed into the library? A committee? After a while it proved to be unworkable.


    Hello Art

    Thanks for the input and I can see that coming up. Especially if it was having any success. Ultimately ALL libraries are elitist unless we are talking Pond 5 and similar, right? So whatever the filter is…it’s a filter.

    I’m imagining a discussion of how things would work and an agreement on the structure. But the managing of the library still seems like it would be some work. I’m thinking every composer would manage their own tracks under an agreed upon structure/ setup.

    Art Munson

    The other thing that came up is how does the “master” hosting space make their money? It would have to be enough to make it worthwhile.


    Hi Echoplex, when I started this thread I was thinking of creating a searchable web database for exactly that same reason … I used to work in post and have many contacts/friends who could place the music. I want to make my own website to offer to these contacts… and the thought crossed my mind that it would be better to have other composers music, for the same reasons you stated.

    That obviously has it’s pros and cons — more music, more sales … but complications with hashing out all the details between a few people, plus money, maintenance, time spent on the website….

    If you want to talk, let me know.

    Thanks, Art for your input on your experiences.

    Btw, I’ve been in contact with Scott, and he offers a great service and he’s great to deal with.



    I’ll message you in the next week. I’ll be traveling for a few days.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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