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    Art Munson

    This thread has some really impressive composers chiming in on it. Since I posted it I wish I had time to comment on all of it, but I have listened. Eric B. what do you see as being a good choice of horns for smooth jazz/ instrumental pop stuff if I could ask? Does the Samplemodeling stuff still rue the roost, as I’ve heard many cite these as a favorite? Horns and even synth brass stuff is starting to work it’s way into my repertoire. And for the record, jazz (and smooth jazz) is what I listen to half the time, with the usual guys being favorites (Miles, Coltrane, for guitar – -my main instrument- Pat Metheny, Mike Stern).

    Check out some of the accolades for Eric’s jazz stuff . Art’s probably going to fine me for every time I post the word “impressive” on this thread but….wow.


    @Chuck sent you a PM re horns and guitars.


    Michael Nickolas

    This is one of my favorites from my catalog. I play bass and guitars, the drums and percussion are loops.


    Wow .. some great music here!
    As quite a few of us here, I’m quite new to the music production business and MLR but I’ve learned a lot from all of the usual contributors here, so for that, thank you all!!
    I hope I can contribute something useful in the near future as well.

    Here are some of my compositions so far, any feedback is always welcome!


    Art Munson

    Thanks Chuck; I do use Sample Modeling, however all my trumpets are real and I play all the SM instruments with an EVI wind controller.
    Here’s a link of me playing it



    Very nice music in all the links posted. I find the compositions and productions in general very impressive, especially considered how many tracks many of you propably writes in a year.
    Here are some of my music:

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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