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    56 Strat

    To add to my previous post, my drums are programmed.I agree with Daniel that nothing beats real drums but I think I’m doing ok achieving a reasonable realistic acoustic drum sound.

    NY Composer


    As a “Real” drummer, I can tell you that the new stuff like EZ Drummer and similar vst’s, are really amazing sounding.

    It’s no wonder why a lot of drummers are out of work πŸ™‚

    Thank goodness I play keys and bass to…


    @Overdub – hey thanks Overdub!

    To me, anyone with a few bucks, can buy the same sample libraries. Nobody has the same instruments that I do, or plays them like I do, for better or worse!

    Totally agree! Something very determitive about the cue living or dying from how well we play our instruments πŸ™‚

    Per Boysen

    musicians that don’t use PRIMARILY orchestral instruments or samples instruments in thier composing and are still licensing stuff like crazy.

    Not that I’m licensing “like crazy” πŸ™‚ but I have noticed that some tracks I simply played right off the bat on a Chapman Stick sell more licenses than my orchestral stuff (realized with LASS and some Spitfireaudio brass and wind libraries).


    I write indie rock/folkie stuff (and occasionally weird instrumentals) I have about 150 placements since 2012…I know that’s peanuts for most of you but I record on an 8 track in my bedroom (no pro tools) using only live instruments..I recently gave up on drum programs (EZ Drummer etc.) as I find them somewhat mechanical..I’ve had some success w/tracks with programmed drums I wouldn’t count it out..I actually moved back to my hometown in the NE from a beach town recently for various reasons but high on the list was a drummer friend of mine (from the 90’s) with a recording/practicing area..recording with live drums again is HEAVEN..also to add to the drum thing…I’ve used keyboards w/drum sounds and created my own drum tracks with a lot of success..don’t count that out as an option..IMHO I think some..maybe most Music Supervisors seek out live instruments..I could be wrong though? WTF do I know? πŸ™‚

    Markus Strasser

    Hey there. Yes, me too. I use about 90% real instruments and some samples in the background. But I try to avoid samples. Even though those samples might sound nice and clean, they have no soul.


    Michelleq – “Can anyone recommend some great orchestral libraries”

    I use a LOT of orchestral samples and mainly so far I have used “Albion One” which is great for “sections” of instruments but is very limited in terms of “solo” instruments (i.e. solo clarinet is not on there, or many other solo instruments).

    My next purchase will be “Miroslav Philharmonik 2” which has EVERY solo instrument. So, with those 2 orchestral libraries I’ll feel pretty confident getting great sounding orchestral tracks… I also have the various libraries contained within “Kontakt Komplete 11 Ultimate” which has “session strings pro”, “orchestral” and a few others.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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