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    I’ve had some cues used on Discovery Network that BMI paid me for but the detections never appeared in Tunesat. Any idea why?

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    That’s awesome Art! I’m really glad to see this popular internet show is amounting to at least something for composers now that the performance data finally is coming in.

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    Daveydad- like many have mentioned, TuneSat misses some but gets a large majority of them.

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    I’m jumping in late here and haven’t read everything yet, but here are 2 cue sheet stories,
    #1 – An exclusive track with SK gets placed in the show it was intended for, 32 seconds. The cue sheet says it was 9 seconds. I contact PRO and they say go to the library. I contact the library and they assure me they will get it fixed. After 6 months with no fix I contact library again. They say oops, we’ll get it fixed.” Show gets cancelled, I give up.

    #2 – A non-ex with JP is licensed for a CMT special (non-series) theme. I even get a decent sync fee. 13 months go by with no cue sheet. I contacted library. They replied the same day with info I needed. Cue sheet appeared a week later. Now waiting on the $$. Tunesat has found about 10 airings so far.

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    Cool Alan – glad you were able to get the one cue sheet submitted without too much of a hassle!

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    Les Scott

    Although the comment about stopwatches and cue sheets was posted quite awhile ago, I did want to offer, its 12/11/16….and I still keep a stopwatch very close to my DVR.

    Through the past many years, I’ve caught significant errors in timing and have been able to retrieve the earnings we had been underpaid for.

    For my writers, I will most certainly continue to monitor the timing of uses via a stopwatch.

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    IMO Tunesat picks up about 50-70 percent of placements.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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