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    I recently was notified by one of my exclusive publishers that a copyright claim has been made on some of my music by a company named Cyberlink. Has anyone had a similar issue? What would be the best way to proceed in this case?

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    Art Munson

    I found this. You might want to contact them.

    Google is your friend. πŸ™‚

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    Yes, I am having this issue as well. My publisher is looking into it. One of the videos has over 2 million views!

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    UpFromTheSkies Hope you get the issue solved. Please let me know any news. I will do the same πŸ™‚

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    Tell the YouTuber to contest the claim through YouTube’s system, if they haven’t already.

    If there is a song title on a restricted list with the same name as a SmartSound song title, then it will sometimes be flagged.

    According to Art’s link, so hopefully forcing Cyberlink to manually check their claim will resolve the issue.

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    My advice & No I am not covering for anyone or anything I am merely suggesting you might want to try this aproach!
    Check with any other libraries that you may have titles with even if these are non-exclusive it just so happens that many composers are opting into libraries that offer content ID the problem with that is that it creates a conflict for both composer and the library!!
    Basically, if you are signed to several libraries and you opted into multiple content ID programmes you are unintentionally the source of the problem as only one library can claim the title so believe it or not most of the time it’s not intentional or malicious especially as different libraries use different services

    Now as a rule of thumb, it’s very much on a first come first basis so whichever library/publisher you opted into content ID with and every time I have encountered this issue it’s determined who got the option first it gets resolved within 24 hours

    Please remember that this youtube and content ID is relatively new and there are no standards
    Actually, the Sync industry is in dire need of standards in general especially when it comes to metadata we all can agree that there should be set of industrywide standards and practices when it comes to metadata but there isnt

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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