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    just wondering if anyone has landed any good placements through exclusive libraries for tv commercials for well and less known food brands or pharma brands. do these types of gigs pay well at all? is there usually an upfront license fee and you do you usually get back end everything it airs? i imagine its the back end that can really add up if the commercial in question gets alot of air. what kinda figures have people seen?

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    It takes a bit of chasing to get any royalties from commercials, and at least for one of the PROs in the US, it’s done on a survey (not a census). So they’re not a given like with TV show placement.

    The main prize with placing library music in commercials is the license fee – which can be anywhere from $500 to $50,000, depending on who’s using it, where it airs and how exclusive the deal is.

    The main back end income you can get with commercials is the musician residuals, paid through the AFM. They’re usually reserved for big budget ads, and (from my experience) only apply to music written or revised specifically for the commercial being aired, i.e. not for library music placement.

    That all said, infomercials can get you insane royalties, as they air everywhere and as a result are much more likely to show up on a PRO’s survey.

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    Michael Nickolas

    I recently posted here about my first well known brand commercial placement. Mark is correct, It did pay well upfront, considering the placement was through a non-exclusive company actually, and only 15 seconds long. A number in the lower five figures, split with the company placing it of course. Too early to report here about royalties.

    I also just got my first infomercial placement a few days ago, so thanks for the information on that Mark!

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    thanks Guys. hey Michael i’ll see if i can find that post of yours, low five figures nice money. what exactly are informercial’s? are the the awful adverts that play over and over late at night selling kitchen knifes etc?

    Mark i presume the $50k figure would be a kinda buy out fee where the client would only want exclusivity of that track for their product campaign and couldn’t be used by anyone else?

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    Michael Nickolas
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    Hey Danny, I have not had an exclusive cue used in a commercial but I did have a couple non ex cues used.

    One was for a popular Fiber supplement drink, it paid well upfront, comparable to Michaels post. It ran for one quarter and I recieved close to 4k in royalties, it ran quite a bit on network tv.

    Another was for a major cat litter brand. 2 cues were used in the spot, mine and another cue, so I got half of the royalties.

    Upfront money was comparable to the other. This spot ran for 2 years, 30 and 15 sec. spots, network and tons of cable placements. All said and done I received about 8k in royalties for that spot over the course of 2 years, wish I would have had the only cue used in that one!!

    Both placements came from the same library and they took care of the advertisement claim form through my PRO.

    I have also had some foreign spots run and received royalties for them as well.

    Hope that helps.

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    wow that’s cool euca. so it seems the commercials market can be pretty lucrative in the right hands. thanks for all the info.

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    What exclusive libraries are ideal for commercials?

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