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    I am currently re-working my website, and was writing some explanatory notes about licensing and royalties to reassure customers.

    For example I was explaining that it is not the video Producer that has to pay royalties, but the broadcaster through a blanket fee to the PRO. Provided the producer informs the broadcaster of the musical content of his project (Title & Composer or CAE/IPI), the broadcaster will file a cue sheet, so that the PRO pays the composer his share.

    Now, I wondered… how does that model apply to Youtube? Does YT pay a blanket fee to PROs? and who files a Cue Sheet? The composer?

    Note that I am not referring to Content ID stuff.

    Say a bedroom video producer makes a video with my music as background. He purchased a licence for this that I provide cheap for small projects like his. His video meets an unexpected huge success and gets 5 million views. Who gained from that? Youtube with advertisement.

    The fact that I do not agree with the terms of their monetization system does not deprive me of my rights. I never signed anything with them: they used my music for their profit, they must pay. How would I get paid royalties from such a Broadcaster?

    Looking forward reading your thoughts on that.


    What I can say is SOCAN (Canada’s PRO) started paying royalties for internet “performances”, including Youtube. To be honest, I’m a bit confused, I don’t really understand how it all works, but I’ve been receiving some money for internet royalties since November’s payment. Really low payments though, less than $1 each time, but I don’t even know how I managed to earn those royalties lol. I’ve had placements on MTV shows, so maybe those royalties come from people watching the show on MTV’s website.

    Anyways, here’s more info on all that:

    Hopefully more people can bring more info about this subject.


    You can get paid for YouTube through Rumblefish. If you release your music through CDBaby or TuneCore, just check the Rumblefish box under distribution. Lots of people use my music without my permission, but I’m getting paid for it so I don’t really care. 🙂


    How would an invididual composer go about getting paid for Youtube videos using their music?

    Can you do it directly with Youtube? Or do you have to go through someone like Rumblefish.

    Let’s say the composer has 100 tracks.


    Rumblefish is a content ID system, not a PRO.

    ASCAP is getting involved with YouTube, and I’m sure the other PROs are too. It’s still early days, but I’ve seen an occasional small amount from YouTube on my ASCAP statement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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