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    Is it my imagination or did the subscription price for the complete plan just drop to 30 bucks, with no 1 year “contract” ….had to make the leap. Any comments on their products? Or their play engine, especially on Mac?


    I purchased a composer pack a few years back and I like their sounds. They use up a lot of free memory more so than others it seems. I use a mac mini with an external hard drive for my sample libraries (hoping to upgrade within the year) and can only use a couple of sounds from East/West at a time or I get a playback error. If you have a more powerful computer you will probably be fine. I like the play engine it’s easy to use, it’s look change with each different pack of instruments it’s kinda cool. I think you’ll be happy.


    Thanks. Working on a project where I could probably make good use of the sounds in Storm Drum, and since you no longer sign for a year long commitment, thought I’d give it a shot. And maybe check out some of their other packages along the way I’ve been interested in for a while. The subscription based thing makes it kind of priority that you commit these to audio anyway. Easier to do early on in some projects then others.


    When you do the subscription do they give you access to all of the packages or do you have to pay for each separately?


    I just got this and was wondering what libraries people find the most useful? I downloaded Hollywood Strings and so far not super impressed, but I’m sure I just need to learn how to use it. There seems to be a dearth of online tutorial videos for getting under the hood. It’s mostly just demos of people playing amazing stuff but not explaining how the fudge they did it!



    Kevin, I’m sure you’ve gotten an answer since August, but just in case, you get all the libraries (however you only get the GOLD version of HS and the Brass, though you can also upgrade to get the Diamond version)


    Loving this so far.

    The Gold hard drive was well worth the price as I can easily install & fire up any instrument in the library without using up my system drive space & waiting on long downloads.

    Some of the instruments take a bit of tweaking to get the most out of them but overall I highly recommend this to any composer.


    NY Composer


    I have been with Composer Cloud for over 6 months. I was never aware of a yearly contract. I just pay monthly. EW even claims you can suspend your membership and come back any time.

    Now, the down side. I am not a huge fan of EW sounds. If I need some obscure Panflute or Gypsy percussion it’s fine but nothing beats Project Sam and Heavyocity IMO.


    Does anyone use Composer Cloud with a Mac Sierra Operating system? I’m trying it out for a month, but “play” crashes every time I try it in Logic or Garage band. Not sure if Mac Sierra is compatible with “play” and can’t seem to find info on this. Thanks.


    I tried composer cloud for a month. Generally I don’t like subscriptions – it’s just another overhead for something you never own. But it was a good opportunity to try out lots of libraries. In the end I cancelled the sub and bought Holllywood Orchestra plus the solo instruments, which I’m very pleased with.


    I “had” a fetish for grabbing the newest and the latest “everything”. Now knowing that the large majority of the Libraries don’t want groundbreaking or new. Unless it is a revolutionary product, I don’t even bother. I have so much invested now that I only do updates. Next update is Komplete Ultimate 12..


    beatslinger, i updated from K9 ult to K12 ult recently…depends on which version your updating from…had a good 7yr run with K9 ult so felt it was good value now to get the new toys, wont update again till k15 or 16

    still a dilemna for me to either get composer cloud sub or CSS though (only need new strings)…


    I have used Composer Cloud, for about 3 years, using it only for the months I have needed. For me it has been useful, because I compose in several genres and has and its palette of instruments it offers is wide, although some of the sounds are not the best and you have to tweak almost everything to make it sound good in the mix. Lately I made an upgrade to Composer CloudX, with annual commitment, because it is cheaper $ 19.99 per month, and has an additional microphone position that is really necessary.


    Still a dilemna for me to either get composer cloud sub or CSS though (only need new strings)

    see, that’s the biggest part. I guess if I needed a major overhaul, or needed to get started. “Maybe” this could be looked at as “solid”. I probably would use so few things that it just wouldn’t matter..

    Also, I am upgrading from NI Ulitimate 11

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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