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    I just had Facebook royalties show up for the first time on my latest BMI statement under the title Facebook 2017. What are these? All the music was done for TV use so wondering why it’s listed under Internet Audio. Are these videos that are played through Facebook? I made about $12.00.

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    Oh, good to know. Yes there are shows. My wife watches a show called “Return the Favor” with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Fame. It’s actually a fun show and some of the times I’ve watched it with her, I have heard my music. I was wondering if I’d ever see any backend on it. I’m sure there are other shows out there daveydad… I just know of this one. Congrats on the $12!

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    BMI doesn’t list the show… just the track title. Looks like $12 for about 12 uses.

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    Kevin Pike

    I too have received a Facebook payout for the first time for 2017. I have three counts and the use is FF. Payout was about $8. This is encouraging. Anyone know what FF means?

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    It’s the 3rd time i receive Facebook royalties and it was $41 for 27 tracks. The 2 previous payments were for $3 and $8 respectively so,it seems to get better,lol.
    It said ‘Facebook 2017’ once again.

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    How often do u receive facebook royalties and with what distribution you are working to receive them ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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