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    Wondered if anyone has any thoughts or feedback on this…going back to February of 2022, I have nearly 1000 placements on Fox News and Fox Business, not to mention tons of re-airings (some are promos). Yet, I have not seen a single cue sheet yet for any of these. As I said, some are network promos, others are lead-ins and lead-outs for news segments. I’ve been doing this a while, so I know it usually takes nine months or so, but it is strange to me to not see a SINGLE cue sheet in almost a year’s time yet. I checked with the library and was informed it is NOT a blanket license situation. Anyone else have this experience with FOX or any of its networks?

    Apologies if this specific subject is another thread – I searched but did not see it anywhere. Thanks!

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    Library and PRO should chase it for you

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    It is exactly the same for me – thousands of detections in 2022 on Fox News, fox, fox business and fox sports but not a single cue sheet was filed. I reported to my PRO (Sesac) – let‘s see how it goes.

    On a side note, they told me that promos and ads are not reported on cuesheets but via „logs“, which networks notoriously „forget“ to report. So tunesat/bmat data seems like the only way to chase them…

    Fox network is unfortunately not the only network which don‘t report music usages to Pros, in fact about 95% of my music airing in the US (also on CBS, NBC and many cable networks) were never reported, while everywhere else in the world it seems to be quite accurate.

    I wonder if they get any sort of „fine“ for not paying royalties, because if not I could totally understand this as a business strategy…

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    So, do PRO’s like BMI and PRS actually chase for ‘Logs’ as well as Cue Sheets?

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    Art Munson

    I had this conversation with BMI back 2013. BMI’s reply was:

    “BMI can only process promo data as they receive it.” In other words they rely on the networks to submit the data. Majors generally do but smaller ones usually do not.

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    It’s tough to say what happened with the reporting when it comes to certain news segments on FOX News because I’ve had the same issue over time. With that said, I did receive cue sheets and ASCAP paid for Fox and Friends and for Hannity

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    Thank you all for the feedback. That’s pretty unfortunate that they would be doing this in this manner, but it’s the game. yzzman1, how long did it take for you to receive the cue sheets/payment from when those placements aired on Fox? More than a year?

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    One of my pieces got on a few of Fox’s Business shows. i got a little sync money from Midiio but I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath for PRO money.

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