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    NY Composer

    I have been chasing down payments for at least 6 unpaid placements this quarter.

    They either have NO que sheets and NO record of the placement, they have a que sheet but my composition is MISSING from it, or they have a que sheet with my track but credited to the WRONG composer.

    The biggest culprit seems to be NBC Sports Cable this time.

    Had to get this off my chest. I know you guys can relate :-).

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    Art Munson

    Yep, same here. Fox Sports (the worst!), other sport channels and CMT. I think they want to wear us down!

    Are you ASCAP? I’m BMI and maybe we can coordinate efforts.

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    NY Composer


    I’m in BMI. I have been dealing with a very kind and helpful rep in the Beverly Hills office. The problem has been that if que sheets are lost or don’t exist, there is nothing to use for proof. They do not acknowledge Tunesat due to possible false positives. IMO, they should use it as a tool because Tunesat has picked up more placements than BMI in certain instances.

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    Before i started with Tunesat ASCAP cue sheets were the only way I learned about placements. It was not uncommon to see cuesheets filed 18 months and longer after a show originally aired.

    I normally wait at least 18 months before contacting ASCAP about a missing cue sheet.
    I have over 100 Tunesat detections with no cue sheets. Many are Scripps and promos, but more are cable shows. Most of them are for non-exclusive tracks, there is no way to know who placed them. The money is next to nothing so it really is not worth the time going after them for me. I will definitely go after all exclusive tracks that don’t get cue sheets.

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    NY Composer


    My missing Cue sheets are all Exclusive. I am especially interested in finding the network NBC placements.

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