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    Art Munson

    Hi; I’ve had a placement on Danish TV that has aired 1000’s of times over the last couple of years according to Tunesat. My thoughts are that it is an ad of some sort as it seems to appear between popular TV shows such as “Friends” and “Beverly Hills 90210”.
    I have never been paid for this through ASCAP or the library. The library has been less than helpful in tracking this down as they can’t seem to find who licensed the track. It is an exclusive library in Europe. I have been in touch with ASCAP and KODA but neither seem to be helping as they need to know who the advertiser is. I’ve tried to get KODA and the library to listen to the Tunesat mp3s so they can identify the advertiser as it is in Dutch. So far, no success.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Dutch or Danish? If it’s Danish I might be able to help you identify the advertiser.

    I have a similar situation with a Norwegian ad, it aired over 2 years ago and still no backend. My publisher said not to worry, it just takes a very long time!

    Art Munson

    Thank you. It looks like this may get resolved. I was able to identify the advertiser and the library has come through big time and looks like we are close to a resolution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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