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    I’m thinking more and more to end up my Tunesat accounts and transfer everything to BMAT or TRQK.io

    Tunesat has became more and more unreliable : a lot of detections missing, sometimes the website doesn’t show detections or show them with 1 or 2 weeks delay… whereas some of my catalog that I transferred to BMAT is perfectly tracked.

    The thing is bmat is much more expensive than Tunesat, that’s why I tend to keep my tunesat … but seriously wtf is going on with this company ? It sounds like a sleeping company. The website interface has not been upgraded since the beginning, no videos of detections, no statistics except very basic ones… and now recurrent detections delay / missing.

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    From my 2 years of experience with trqk compared to Tunesat, one isn’t better than the other. They both miss about the same as one another. Though trqk monitors some channels that tunesat doesn’t and vice versa.

    BMAT on it’s own is super expensive and only really worth it if you have a massive catalog or are a big publisher.

    So I would say keep your tunesat, but maybe put up your tracks which you think are not getting picked up by tunesat on trqk and see if there is any difference. 🙂

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    I don’t think they are obsolete at all. I still get lots of detections per month (probably more than ever). When they were doing maintenance stuff was showing up sometimes 1-2 weeks late. Otherwise most things show up within a few days or hours of airing.

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    They miss half of what shows up in my statements, and only cover US and Europe. their paid service isnt any better. just treat them as a guide and nothing more. had a great chat with david the COO of trqk a few years ago at the PMC, thinking of giving them a go once budget permits…

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    I’m not that impressed with them but for 50 cue detections for free I can’t complain.That said, they don’t make me want to pay for it either. Might be more valuable for people willing to chase down cues but not for me so much.

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    Nan Wilson

    Guess what! BMAT has a new cheaper offering called Vericast Standard. It’s got the same quality of detection PLUS the associated video, only the video storage is one month instead of one year. If you have a special need for longer that’s always available as an ad on. Feel free to get in touch so we can give you a tour. nwilson@bmat.com

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    BMAT’s website is pretty annoying and a turn off. You can’t get any information without going through a sales lead generation thing. They really have to simplify things to “What do you do and how much do you charge?” I understand that for big publishers, a personalized quote may be needed. But in general, the site is a sales & marketing disaster (not said meanly, just honesty). I wonder how many visitors leave right away because they can’t figure out anything from the website. BMAT may have great services, I don’t know. But MHO is you have change your web presence to get anywhere. I could be wrong there, I know. PS I am not in the website development business, not selling anything.

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    Tunesat misses way more that it detects. It’s not recognized by the PROS. Its a fun tool to have but I wouldn’t say its professional. I have thousands of tracks so to upload them all would be a massive and mostly pointless experience.

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    Art Munson

    They do miss a number of detections but ever since they caught a commercial I would not have known about and netted about $18k, I’m not writing them off.

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    I’m with Art here. They miss a lot but they can also pick up something that makes you money. While it’s true that the PROs don’t accept Tunesat detections for proof of broadcast, a detection can have you go back to the library and see why you never saw a cue sheet, got paid, etc. Tunesat picked on a significant network placement for me for which I never got an ASCAP cue sheet. I contacted the library who in turn contacted the client who made a cue sheet correction. It turned out that my track was a last minute substitution and they had forgotton to fix it on the cue sheet.

    It’s true that 50 tracks isn’t much but heck, that’s for free. It’s also true that the paid options are way too expensive for anyone who is not managing a very large catalog with a lot of revenue involved such as it might be for a library.

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    How did you follow that up and collect your (sync fee?) royalties?

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    Art Munson
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    Hi all,
    I know Tunesat was behind on European detections for a while, but I feel it has gone very quiet this week. Is anybody else getting zero detections this week?

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    Art Munson

    @Lincoman I’m getting detections up to today 10/21/23

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