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    Art Munson

    1.) Your name??

    Hayley Moss

    2.) Any credits you care to mention?

    Scored Amos Poe’s “A Walk In the Park”. Hundreds of National Tv spots. Tv themes for Discover, Hallmark, Oxygen among many other gig’s

    3.) How long have you been writing music?

    Since I was a child.. but making a living at it since 1994.

    4.) How did you get started?

    I did a scored an indie horror film called “Flesh Eating Mothers”

    5.) How long have you been writing library/production music?

    About 5 years

    6.) Are you making a living wage writing library/production music?


    7.) Do you care to give any general figures of annual earnings (low/mid/high 5, 6, 7 figures)?

    It ranges from mid 5 to 6 figure depends on my luck!

    8.) Are you self-taught or have you studied formally?

    Self taught

    9.) Do you work through music libraries?

    I’m just starting to get more into it. I have tested the water a bit.. and it was very slow going. I’m starting to see some back end royalties finally. I have been very wary of them.

    9a.) If so are they exclusive and/or non-exclusive libraries?


    10.) Do you contact music supervisors, music editors or TV production companies directly?

    No.. they contact me usually

    10a.) If so how do you approach them?


    11.) How do you deal with rejection?

    I used to get so depressed… now I forget that I even did the track and am surprised when I hear it again!

    12.) How do you feel about re-titling?

    I’m on the fence… I worry about the future of digital water marking and the mess that will happen if our work is in different libraries.

    13.) What do you have the most success with, royalty free sites or back end PRO royalties?

    So far back end royalty is all I know.

    14.) Any tips about writing descriptions, keywords and/or metadata?

    I’m so bad at it…I need a good program. I’m using itunes, get an intern to do it!

    15.) Any trends you would like to comment on (YouTube Content ID, Internet Royalties)?

    Youtube is great for marketing… don’t know if it’s a good royalty stream?

    16.) What sort of advice would you give to someone just entering the library/production music world?

    Stay strong and don’t give away your publishing! Value your work as gold.. because it is!

    And finally!

    17.) If you were not writing music what would you be doing?

    Getting a good nights sleep and not obsessing over computers and software updates!

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