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    Does anyone here have an IMDb page? I was thinking of setting one up and listing myself as ‘music department’ rather than composer for some of the shows that appear on my PRS breakdown every quarter. I figure it may be a nice thing to have when contacting new libraries etc. Is that, like, allowed!?

    Roscoe Foderotz

    As stated by IMDb:

    The music department list includes all music jobs not already covered by the composer or soundtrack lists, and should include the following:

    Music contractors
    Additional Composers
    All credits related to recording and mixing music.
    Any music-related credits except composer (songs by, lyricist, singer, musician, arranger, song or music producer, etc.) that do not appear with a specific song or music title.

    The question here is are you the “composer” or “additional composer”…


    I am curious about this as well. ‘Music department’ does seem to imply that a person was hired by the production company that made the show. If that isn’t the case and it is just a placement through a library, is that allowable?


    I guess we are ‘Additional Composers’? Even though we are the sole providers of music for a lot of shows which don’t have their own in house composer.
    I think I might try doing it – what’s the worst that could happen…!?


    I think there are some people on these forums with more experience that might be able to weigh in on this subject. I know one in particular that has a well deserved terrifying IMDb page (that I think might possibly include these, but I’m not positive).


    Some shows don’t mind if you add the shows to your profile, others freak out. It depends on the client I guess, and maybe the credited composer on that show.
    Keep in mind that the libraries might not actually like you doing this either, as it’s technically their client.


    There it is. Case closed, as far as I’m concerned.

    Happy Ears

    It could definitely backfire on you!


    I didn’t think of that Mark, that’s good advice, thanks. Think I’ll hold off for a while..!


    I have listed on imdb for shows I’ve had music used on for years. I simply list is as ‘composer: additional music’ there are often several people with this credit as they are all the library composers. This doesn’t affect other titles such as the main composer.

    For how hard you work for such little gain in this business I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to have a little credit on imdb for tracks you’ve spent ages crafting. It’s a tiny bit of recognition in a mostly thankless industry. I have never had a problem and it’s good for linking to your website to show any prospective libraries etc.

    Thanks just my take anyway!




    Same…I just put my credits in “additional music” but I definitely won’t pay to have a profile pic, I think that’s ridiculous
    If you want to see mine—


    I, or an assistant, adds every placement I get on IMDB as “composer:stock music”. Might as well use the most humiliating title!


    For me, same answer as Sniper … “I simply list is as ‘composer: additional music’ there are often several people with this credit as they are all the library composers. This doesn’t affect other titles such as the main composer.”

    I use the title composer: additional music, following the example of other composers that I looked up on IMDB. It never occurred to me that a library would object, as I am only claiming credit for my role. However, if a library did have a concern, I would expect them to spell it out in the initial contract or otherwise make it clear from the outset.


    I make full use of imdb, listing as additional music: composer. It’s a good way of charting your progress, and new libraries can see that you have a track record of placements.
    I couldn’t justify paying for the Pro version though.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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