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    Just wondering if I am alone or if everyone is getting this at the mo ?

    Having a dip in RF sales the last couple of months…

    Anyone else having same experience or perhaps a boost even ?

    Only been at it year half or so and is it the time of year ?


    Input would be great from anyone else thanks.

    Art Munson

    Incredibly slow with the exception of one site.


    Very slow… RF sales are worse for me now than this same time last year by far – and that’s with more tracks in play than last year. My gut feeling is that it’s not a time of year thing, and therefore temporary, but the consequence of a flooded market that I doubt any of us can individually keep up with.


    my RF site sales are off except for one….been a slow summer here but you know this thing takes time…I seem to have spurts of business and think here we go..and then it falls off drastically…gotta keep writing & submitting AND trying different things..


    For me, some libraries are slow at this time of year. I think it always helps to get some new tracks in the libraries when they are a bit slower than normal, just to try and increase your visibility on those sites.


    Hope and optimism are always good virtues.  The industry, however, is saturated.


    “Hope and optimism are always good virtues. The industry, however, is saturated.”

    I disagree to a point.

    If you subtract the music that has no commercial viability, i.e. sync potential, and the music that has bad, little, or no metadata, you narrow the field quite a bit.

    Writers can’t just throw anything out there and “hope” that someone will license it. The music has to be functional. Too many writers are, as an ad agency friend of mine used to say, “talking to themselves.”


    In my experience sales always drop somewhat in the Summer.
    In Europe the whole continent is on vacation and all businesses are shuttered for at least 4 weeks, sometimes 6. We live in Spain and we actually have to stock up early on items that we can’t buy during that 6 week period.
    We also notice a drop in US traffic when school is out.

    “The industry, however, is saturated”

    “Writers can’t just throw anything out there and “hope” that someone will license it. The music has to be functional. ”

    In my view the industry is not saturated for exactly the reasons Michael expressed. I receive at least 30 composers submissions a month asking to join our library and probably only accept only 2 or 3 at the most.
    I guess if another library accepts all 30 of those composers then that site might be saturated and make it more difficult for good music to rise to the top.

    But there is not an over-saturation of great RF composers out there yet as far as I can see.


    John (the other John)

    Since pro royalties are usually 6-9 months behind, my July royalties were good. I don’t consider this summer sales though.


    My sales have been slow this past week, but before that they were doing pretty good.  Just like Mark, IME, summer is usually usually slow… not just for royalty free sales but a lot of business.  At my last day gig, summer was always slow.  Especially August.  People are vacationing, getting ready to go back to school, etc.


    Interesting to hear others experience on this so I don’t feel alone.

    I hope it picks up soon.


    Wanted to add I had seen a couple of new sites spring up recently and I just thought god if my sales are down on others what hope have Iwith brand new one ? All that time uploading and they have no sales yet anyway on these sites ! And would they even tell me I had a sale if they got some !


    I find the end of summer is always the quietest time of the year for where my music is. That said, I’ve had a nice surge over the past couple of weeks on a few sites, which I think is due to the fact that I’ve been adding new (better) tracks.

    TV still runs 24/7 in the summer, so hopefully you’re going to get a nice PRO check next quarter : )

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