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    Is anyone familiar with Smart Rights?

    One of the libraries who I submitted to in the past contacted me telling that this company was able to get him Brazilian royalties he never received due to some metadata issues.

    I contacted SmartRights and they got back to me with instructions to fill out a form to generate a Services contract, a Power of Attorney, and to apply for registration at one Brazilian Performing Rights Organization (PRO) — and they request SSN, passport #, address, DOB, bank act info, mother’s and father’s name; marital status/partners name — way too much information you would not give out to someone you don’t know.

    The company works on a 20% commission of my earnings.

    I did a brief internet search on the company with the website they gave me:

    their LinkedIn profile

    they seem legit but I want to do some research before I sign and give all that info.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? What should I ask the contact at SmartRights? I’m considering talking to my music business lawyer to get his opinion…

    Any thoughts?



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    hmmm… sounds like scam to me.

    They ask 20% of your earnings just because your brazilian PRO can’t properly do its job?
    Just ask 10 times a week your pro to do its damn job. You’ll save 20% of your earnings.

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    Is it BMI’s job to find royalties in other countries, or should I join the Brazil PRO myself?

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    Bill Howard

    I thought BMI handled that info from about 93 countries.

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    Sounds like scam too. “mother’s and father’s name; marital status/partners name” that’s all about identity theft.

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    Michele Vice-Maslin

    I have a sub-publisher in Brazil. I will inquire with him.

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    Thanks, Michele … I would appreciate any info.

    I contacted BMI and asked them if they could help with royalties ‘stuck’ in Brazil (did not answer that specifically) and whether they knew of this company (they said to do more research about the company and reach out to colleagues. I was a bit disappointed in their answer….

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