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    Its here

    I know its a little long in the tooth but I’m thinking a redo wont be enough because I built on Godaddys web builder circa 2013 and I cant send out links to individual songs, only to pages. My new tracks are at the top of the Mood page but I’m concerned that anyone will take the time to click through to specific songs.

    I’m thinking about building a Squarespace site with direct links. Do folks think this is important? I’ve gotten placements from this site as is but not recently

    Art Munson

    I think it’s worth it to have a site with direct links and the ability to sell licenses. If you do decide you might read this article.

    How To Make A Music Composer Website


    I like Bandzoogle for musician/composer websites since they have tons of templates and make putting up links to songs very easy. It runs around $19.95 a month (If I recall) to include email with your domain as well. I don’t know if that’s within your budget.

    Unlike Art, I have no interest in actually selling music on my site. I just want it represent who I am and samples of my work. Interestingly, I never use it to send song links to libraries or sups. For that I use Disco. I find it quicker and easier to customize playlists for that purpose with Disco. Soundcloud works as well but has issues with piracy and running ads.


    Thanks for the replies. I’d put Squarespace on my shortlist until I heard of Disco. That seems interesting as my interest is just getting direct links to my songs. However I’m thinking it may not be bad to sell downloads for older tracks.As mentioned , Soundcloud is out for me as Ive seen examples of blatant piracy.


    No! Anything that gives you options is a plus. It gives you more control


    Not sure what you mean

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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