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    I’m curious to know why here and there on the forum I read about how important it is to upload our non exclusive tracks to Spotify (and other DSPs) to obtain ISRC codes, UPC Codes, ISWC codes.

    What advantages would you have in distributing (with Distrokid, Tunecore and similar) your non-exc tracks in order to obtain those codes?

    Thank you

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    Here is some info about this. ISWC codes are created when you register your tracks with your PRO. That has nothing to do with distributing on Spotify, etc.

    A lot of composers upload their non exclusive tracks to those platforms in order to make some extra money from streaming. I don’t do it, but some claim it is worth it.

    You can purchase the ability to make your own ISRC codes at which I do recommend doing. ISRC codes matter for collecting royalties through Soundexchange. When CDBaby (or whatever) assigns ISRCs to your tracks, it is with their code. If you have your own code, it shows that you truly own the music.

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    Michael Nickolas

    Art published on this site an article I wrote about codes. It was a while back but I wouldn’t think much has changed:

    The alphabet soup of today’s music industry.

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