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    Have any of my composer friends picked up Spectrasonics Keyscape, and/ or have any idea how this software is compared to Addictive Keys? As a supplement to or replacement for? Anywhere i excels where Addictive Keys does not and vice versa? Or are you thinking , dang, should have stayed with just AK?

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    Looks like a great VST! I have AK already and am tempted…but I already have too many piano VSTs! My go to keys are the ones that come with Komplete – Grandeur, Maverick, Gentleman, Giant.

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    Thanks Dave. The Komplete stuff over Addictive Keys? Which version of Komplete (I have 9 and have yet to upgrade). I’ don’ think I am familiar with those first three which tells me you more recent upgrades? Are those better then what was in 9, for example?

    I typically default to Addictive Keys when I need pianos, but make us of Komplete’s Mark I piano under Scarbee’s Vintage Keys.

    Yes I have all the other Spectrasonics stuff, Omnisphere is my go to synth.

    I am still looking for that be-all, end-all acoustic piano though. I have head if you are buying the Spectrasonics primarily for the Grand, you may want to get a good grand piano elsewhere, but Keyscape has so many other great piano options otherwise it is negligible.

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    I am still looking for that be-all, end-all acoustic piano though

    Hi Chuck. I use all of these and prefer them to what comes packaged with Kontakt / Komplete.

    Emotional Piano

    I also have 8dio’s 1928 Steinway

    For singer-songwriter indie stuff and period tracks, this is a good choice.

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    Keyscape is my go to! I was looking for the perfect Rhodes. I love the pianos verse my other vst (native instruments)

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    I’ve been using Keyscape for 5 years..It is excellent! Lots of great pianos, Rhodes, vintage keys..use it all the time!

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