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    NY Composer

    The other day I went to a saved Sonar file to send stems to a Lib. Much to my surprise when I opened the project, I saw that the Kontakt Player was blank. It seems like all of the instruments loaded had been erased. Oddly enough, all of the sequencer tracks were still there as named and Midi lanes were fine.

    Major bummer because I don’t remember exactly what patch from what software library I used for each instrument in the 17 track piece. Aside from instruments, there were hits, stings, risers, etc.

    This never happened to me before. I guess I should add notes as to what sample was used in each sequencer lane.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any fixes?


    Are you using the very latest Kontakt? It messed up a lot of libraries. Each library will need an update. Most companies are recommending not to update Kontakt – some of them have workarounds.

    NY Composer


    I believe it has been updated within the year.

    Oddly enough, no other saved Sonar project got ruined thank God.


    Haha, I literally just updated Kontakt because I downloaded the free Kinetic Treats thing they sent out and it needs the latest version. Time to see how much damage it does.


    Go to Native access and run it and it will reindex your libraries according to NI. Edit that doesn’t work here !!!!!!

    This does, read Mike Greene’s post


    NY Composer

    Thanks for the link Woods.

    There seems to be different opinions. Some say the updates themselves crash the Libraries and some say an update is needed. The directions in the link seem easy enough.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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