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    Hello folks,
    Hope I’m not going off topic.
    Some of you produce short loops or sounds design that can be used for other musicians?
    As a guitar player I’ve been doing few guitar loops for a friend and it came up something cool for his production.
    Does it make sense producing tons of them and saving them with your PRO (but maybe people won’t be interested, too much copyright mess?) or instead can be a better idea just selling them as RF (thinking this way they can be more appealing and easier to sell)?
    I’ve only been doing my music without any kind of loop, but been asked to produce some of them and I’m not sure how to deal with it, any feedback from you all would be appreciated.
    Thank you so much in advance!


    Hey maxquaini,
    By “RF” do you mean RF sites such as Pond5,Audiojungle etc or RF loop libraries (Future Loops,Big Fish Audio etc)?

    I’ve sold only a few loops at RF sites while other track versions (DnB,No Lead,Sting,30) are selling very well there. Others might have different experience with loop sales though.

    Also,it’s much easier for the customer/producer to buy a guitar loop pack from a RF loop library,than dealing with copyrights (in case you have the loops registered to your PRO and they have to buy the loops from you).
    Working with a Loop Library like Future Loops,Loopmasters etc might be a more profitable avenue for you.They pay you an upfront fee and a cut from the sales of the pack (but i don’t know the numbers).
    I’m wondering if any composers/producers are selling successfully loop packs at RF sites.


    thank you so much for your reply and suggestions.
    Yeah meant Royalties Free, not exactly planning to sell them on P5 and stuff, I was just wondering if it does make sense to have them copyrighted but you explained pretty well your point of view and I agree.
    My main concern is if it worth having copyrighted but it does make sense trying to deal with libraries who just sell loops, didn’t thought about it since I am more focused on doing music with libraries.
    But it just happened that even guitar loops might have a market I guess, and some upfront won’t be disappointing, I will check out those you mentioned, thank you again!

    Art Munson

    @maxquaini. This story should dissuade you pretty quick. His loops used on mega hits and hasn’t seen much beyond a few dollars!

    How an uncredited German producer’s free loops are powering platinum rap hits


    Thank you for sharing this Art!
    I guess a big hit is more a great marketing work than everything else and maybe the same production would have been a hit even with a different loop, but indeed it has to be pretty much frustrating hearing your sound in a big hit without any kind of reward and income…
    I appreciate your feedback, thank you for this, but now I’m just wondering what’s the income of sounds designers? And who’s doing this? Unless they are working on custom works and maybe they are very well paid?
    It’s something I would really like to learn, if some of you has some experience about it, would love to hear from you, thank you again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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