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    Hey Everyone,

    Hope this post finds you in good spirits. For those producers and writers who have several years of experience working with music libraries, I’d like to ask a serious question that I don’t see discussed often in forums.

    Have you ever been signed to a music library, had several cues placed by said library, but when you try and submit more music, the library seems to be lackluster in reviewing your new submissions? In my experience I’ve run into this scenario a few times with one particular library. I’ve even waited as long as 60 days before inquiring about a status. Not to mention sometimes the response is “we’ll get back to you shortly” but the usually never happens. So it gets to the point where you feel like a nuisance even when you’ve already established a working relationship. I can easily see something like this happening as a new composer trying to get signed with the library, but why would this still happen when the library has already signed you AND already placing your music cues? There is no mention on their website of submission review schedules.

    I’m baffled and want to know if any other composers and producers experience the same. I find it somewhat disrespectful to the composer/producer because we all know that the last thing we want is music sitting for an excessive amount of time with no action being taken by the library.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Art Munson

    I wouldn’t worry about it as long as they are placing your music. They may very well be overwhelmed with submissions or spending their time pitching their catalog for placements.

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    Yeah, I’ve had the same experience. Especially with libraries that start small and then get big. At the beginning everything’s very fluid but when they get bigger they lose a bit of human touch. But as Art says, I don’t mind as long as they place my music.

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    Hi Art,

    Thanks for your response. I’m a fan of write, submit, forget, repeat. However, how long should one “forget”, before remembering that the library never responded to your submission. I also forgot to mention that I can actually see how many times the library listened to all 10 cues yet they still haven’t said yes or no.

    So I guess what I’m trying to gauge is how long should a composer wait to hear something considering you’re already signed? Is 60 days reasonable?

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    Yes I’m happy they’re placing the music they previously accepted. That’s why I’m always trying to give them more music cues…lol

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    10 Cues… ? I know of a 10 cues per submission library that has done well for me and then boom nothing as far accepting new cues. I do chalk it up to maybe they have too much of a my style from me so I start creating something a bit different for the next submission opening.
    There is also that part me that thinks, maybe there is enough Production music in the world anyway…

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    So did that library even say anything at all or did you try and follow up? Or did you just wait a while and submit those tracks elsewhere? If you did wait a while, how long did you wait?

    I think it wouldn’t hurt for libraries to notify their writers when and if they’re taking submissions instead of leaving us “wondering”.

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    Scott Ross

    I sent in quite a few exclusive cues, plus a ton of alts to a particular library. I had a lot of non exclusives with them. When I was uploading I let them know about it. “We’re excited to hear your cues”. I Uploaded everything and did all the metadata. This was last November. Every now and then, I would email to see if they had gotten the tracks, etc. Never a word. Last week they got back to me. They basically said we’re not interested in your music. Thanks for that 5 MONTHS!

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    I have also learned this the hard way. now i don’t follow “proper” etiquette anymore. unless you’ve already signed the agreement, no reason you cant shop it elsewhere (keep short deadlines for yourself). if ever they get back to you just tell them its no longer avail but you can offer another album/track thats similar. dont be afraid to voice out your timeline and your options, i’ve had a few get back to me quick after that, and others get no reply (which is fine and an answer in itself). at the end of the day, its how buddy buddy you are to your contact per how to go about it….and thats the most impt….

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