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    52 sec from a 2017 Netflix film, having a 100% publishing share and a 50% writer share, brought in around 560 $ so far (through ASCAP for North/South America and SUISA for the rest of the world). Two other Netflix films from 2018 are not worth mentioning yet !


    My latest statement: 21 pages of Netflix, $405.
    On the other hand, My payout for Hulu was amazing: $10K.


    Amazon VOD – $8
    HULU – $50
    NETFLIX – $139

    Internet audiovisual totals: $198
    For me the Lion’s of my performance royalties is still coming from Network TV, Cable TV, Local TV and Foreign TV airplays. While internet audio visual aka “streaming” is showing some tiny improvement beyond fractions of cents, it is still paying exponentially less than broadcast TV.

    Congrats on the HULU success Mark. I’d imagine you have some cues/ scores in very popular HULU movies getting tens of millions of streams? 10K can not possibly be coming from reality TV episodes streaming on demand?

    Art Munson

    Congrats Mark, that’s an impressive payout! Was that all one quarter or previous quarters?


    It was one quarter. Several really popular shows made up the bulk of it, which I’m super grateful for.

    Squirrel Hunter

    My experience with a Netflix placement was surprising, the backend that showed up on my BMI statement was higher than the initial sync fee- almost $1000. I thought it was a mistake at first.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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