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    CHuck Mott

    THinking I may want to invest some money in my home studio in coming years…..say up to $500 maybe $600 a year, starting next year. Trying to figure out what to get next, and here are some contenders (FWIW I have no problem buying used):

    -Preamp (possibly a grace m101). Currently using pres in my apogee duet.
    -AT4047 mic (my current one is an AT3037, I usually only mic one mic at a time, so it would be an upgrade and the op to go stereo)
    -Another guitar (I am primarily a guitar player, although I like sample libraries). I currently own an AXIS Super Sport, but am looking at single coil options like a Tele or a decent Epiphone Semihollow)
    -Sample Modeling Sax Brothers
    -A Banjo
    -A Dobro
    -A bass amp. I have recently stared micing my guitar amp and have gotten away from sims. In my opinion, this now leaves my bass sound wanting, as I am still going direct and using sims and thinking about going a DI/Mic’d amp combo, thank you Warren Huart)

    Thoughts? Anything I’m forgetting? What would you get? Also, what would be your next upgrade (please feel free to include your next planned purchase, regardless of my list).

    Will freely give out my home address to anyone who has a burning need to buy me a christmas present. Before Christmas is fine :).


    imo my sonics improved drastically ever since I got a 500 series front end going into my apollo quad, which wasnt bad, its just too sterile….my next goal is getting a summing box like dangerous 2bus and I should be happy (maybe)

    we are on the opposite spectrum chuck since im moving towards my amp sims more and micing less..the uad marshall and fender plugins sealed the move, although i was already contented with the scuffham and bias sims also…

    have fun shopping…


    Herman Miller Aeron Chair…my back is asking for it.


    Thanks. The guitar may be more practical as I would definitely like a backup to my music man, especially for gigging or when it needs to go in for some work. But I am thinking the most bang for the buck would be the preamp, since I am pretty much micing everything now. Although I could go with a used standard Tele, I played a 60s Baja Tele that I fell in love with.And they can generally be found used for less then $600.


    AH, just a word bout the chair…yes the Aeron chairs are expensive. But when we first came back to New York, I through myself into recording and spent a lot of time in a kitchen chair at my desk. Then a lot of time not in the chair due to doing something to my back, twisting it, something…and went and sprung a couple hundred dollars on a proper office chair. Yes if you spend more then an hour or so at your desk, then I would say go with the chair first. Let me (us) know what you think of the Aeron if you get it.


    Herman Miller Aeron Chair…my back is asking for it.

    Go for it (or something else on that level) – you won’t regret it. Got mine a few years ago. It’ll keep you comfortable during a long day of composing. Get the arm-less version if you’re a guitar player. They also have different seat sizes A, B and C depending on the size of the composer’s seat 🙂 And if you’re near NYC, I recommend making an appointment to get the FULL buying experience at their NYC showroom. Be ready for a little pampering – which I found unexpectedly fun.


    Hello to All!

    I am waiting to see if another Mac Desktop Model comes out this Xmas Season. I have my 12Core “Work-Horses”, and LOVE them. But, I know they are gonna start phasing them out of the updates some time soon.. I personally think they made a mistake switching from a “Battle Tank to an Air Purifier!” I am thinking the lack of sales will have them bringing a “Heartier Model” some time soon..


    Highly recommend the Warm Audio mic pres. I just got the WA-412 (4 channels) and feed 2 channels of it into my Apogee Duet. Huge difference, VS the duet pres. Night and day, everything is more 3D. You can buy 2 freestanding Wa-12’s in your budget. Will make even cheap mics, you don’t like much, sound much nicer!


    I’ve heard good things about the Warm pres. But Great River…..yes I’m getting way outside my price point but jeez…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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