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    Has anyone here heard of Nilsson Online Distribution? They seem to sell digital compilations in several genres and also sell singles of these on Amazon, google play, etc. I recently found that they have been using a track I wrote and own the copyright for. I do have this track placed with a few non exclusive libraries – including Audiosparx, Shockwave, Beatpick – I think that’s it. Is anyone directly aware of one of these libraries or any library for that matter doing business with Nillsson Online Distribution? One thing I am definitely not aware of is receiving a cent or any communication regarding a license to re-sell the track on compilations and as a digital single.

    I just received a NOI for a compulsory license through a google partner – at least those people are going through the channels. I’m not so sure about this – if anyone has information on this Nillsson please let me know. Thanks so much MLR friends.


    Btw – the Google partner compulsory license and the Nillson situation are not related – just an example of what appears to be the right way vs the wrong way. I hope I’m wrong.

    Art Munson

    Has anyone here heard of Nilsson Online Distribution?

    I see Robin’s name on their site. Most likely an Audiosparx deal.


    Yes Nilsson is one of AudioSparx’s compilation development distribution partners.




    Art and Lee – thank you both very much for clearing that up for me. Really appreciate it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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