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    I was wondering if anyone here from the UK has had long delays or even non-payments from overseas performances of tracks registered with PRS?

    I can view performances of many of my tracks around the world on Tunesat and, cross referencing the dates with PRS overseas payment schedules, should have been paid to me ages ago. But they have never appeared on any statements from the PRS – only list performances from the UK. PRS haven’t responded to 3 attempts to contact them about this.

    Is this a common issue and should I just be patient, or should I be concerned that my tracks have been performed undetected?

    Any advice greatly received!

    Thanks so much

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    Hi Ell,

    I’m a UK composer based in Devon and have been making library music for about 6 years.

    I am a PRS member and have had no end of problems getting TV royalty payments from the PRS. I’ve found many of my tracks on tunesat used on TV programs, mostly in the US and chased the PRS but they have been uninterested and it’s been hard to get the back end payments through them.

    In the end I decided to join BMI for the USA and Canada while remaining with the PRS for the rest of the world which they will allow if you write to them. It’s worked pretty well so far and I’m glad I made the switch. What sort placements are you finding and in which countries?



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    Hi Orca,

    That is very interesting to hear about joining BMI for the USA and Canada only. So in the US do publishers have accounts at both BMI and ASCAP and then just register the tracks at the one the corresponding composer is also at?

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    Art Munson

    So in the US do publishers have accounts at both BMI and ASCAP and then just register the tracks at the one the corresponding composer is also at?


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    Thanks for all your responses!

    – Most performances have in Italy, Germany, France and a few in US. It’s actually the European performances that I’m most concerned about as Tunesat shows consistent repeat performances here over the last year, yet still there is nothing from PRS. Would be worth signing up to individual country publishers in this case do you think?

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    @Tbone – It’s worked well for me so far and was easy enough to set up with the BMI London branch who have been very helpful. If you need any more information let me know.

    @ Ell – I guess you could join different societies with in Europe but I would think that could become quiet complicated. Have you tried notifying the PRS writer queries about the usages – [email protected]? Do you know which library the tracks where bought from? I had a track used for an Ad from a sale on a well known non-exclusive library and decided to sign up to their new publishing deal. They did a good job getting me the back end TV royalties which I wouldn’t have got any other way I think.

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    Hi Ell,

    Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Placements on US TV shows going back 2-3 yrs and all I have received is the UK royalties which are between a few pence to a few £’s

    A lot of them appeared as ” Unnotified Works ” and had the wrong publisher showing in my PRS account so I raised queries with PRS which took several months to hear back about – All they said was the writer still gets paid even if the Publisher is incorrect and basically ignored the part about the US royalties being missing.

    I have replied back to them about the missing US royalties weeks and weeks ago..still waiting to hear back. The Library is also trying to help and get the correct publishing info to PRS.

    My placements are for show like Keeping Up with The Kardashians and The Challenge , and whilst each one is not worth a fortune it’s still a significant amount and a fair chunk of my placements to date.


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