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    I’ve been with CD Baby for several years and have also had much of my music on Pandora since 2014. I’ve always received Pandora royalties through Sound Exchange but all of a sudden, I received a flood of Pandora royalties through my CD Baby account today, going back as far as Sept 2016. Did something change that I missed?

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    I found the answer to my question. I forgot CD Baby informed us about this a while back.

    How does royalty collection work with Pandora and Sound Exchange?
    February 02, 2017 11:51

    There are two scenarios that will affect your revenue collection through Pandora and CD Baby.

    If your music is currently available on Pandora’s service, and CD Baby has NOT delivered it there, then you will be paid for those radio streams via SoundExchange like you always have been.
    Once CD Baby has delivered your music to Pandora, CD Baby will begin collecting the LABEL SHARE of both subscription and advertising revenue and paying you directly.

    You will continue to collect the performing artist share of your royalties directly through Sound Exchange. You can get more info on how that works here:

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    Elton Costello

    This was very helpful… Thanks for posting…

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