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    Hi all
    I’ve had some placements (Tunesat detections) over the past 1-2 years on this program but no cue sheets have shown up in my ASCAP account. My track is in 2-3 libraries so I’m not sure which library to contact. If any of you have had placements on this program, can you tell me which library? I know that doesn’t mean they are the only one but it might help me narrow down my search.

    Also, have cue sheets/payments shown up for you?


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    I’ve had tunes on the Mecum auction as well. I’ll check my BMI statement.

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    Actually just checked. They haven’t showed on my BMI statement yet, let’s hope they do!

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    Thanks. I just checked and my detections only go back to Jan 2016. So it might be too soon to show up. I’ll give it one more quarter.

    But if anyone has any info, that would be great!!!


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    NY Composer


    I have some placements in the Mecum auctions but nothing on the BMI statement.

    Also, my track is on a one minute Youtube teaser for an auction.

    No word on this as well. Perhaps a little early.

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    A cue sheet just showed up in my ASCAP account for a broadcast in 5/2016. Still waiting on one from 1/2016. But I know which library now so if the other one never shows up I can contact them. 😀

    PS The library name begins with “M”. Please don’t ask me more. 😀

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    Happy Holidays, everyone!! 😀 😀 😀

    Following up. I’ve seen cue sheets now for my placements on Mecum Auto Auctions except the Kissimmee, FL episode, Jan. 2016. Anyone have a placement on that one? See a cue sheet or payment?


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    56 Strat

    I’ve been getting placements on Mecum Auto dating back to Nov. 2014 onward, 5 episodes that includes Kissimmee #1, but nothing showing up on my PRO report yet. I’m from Canada so it will take a bit longer. If nothing comes through on my next report in Feb. then I’ll start contacting people. I also have several other placements on NBC Sports programming with some of them going back to mid 2015 that havn’t been reported yet either. If anything shows up in Feb. I’ll post here.

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    Don’t know wether this is relevant but there is a delay in ASCAP payments coming through here to Ireland due to some issue in Ascap. Maybe it is affecting other territories.

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