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    Emmett Cooke

    Saw it before, but wasn’t very impressed with it to be honest. If you plan on having 5,000 tracks in your library, thats $299 per month ($3588 per year). For just a little more, you can have your entire website built from scratch how you want it, as well as be able to edit and change it as you see fit.



    “Doug R. (library producer from the evil empire)”


    Hi Doug!

    Art Munson

    “Before any of you spend another dime, check out Source Audio.”

    I did and thought they were pricey. Nice site though.


    Hi Doug – would you say Source Audio is better suited to libraries that do needle drop licensing? I’m wondering about SEO for your clients as well, it would seem SEO is dependent on your site quite a bit. Wouldn’t all your clients be essentially locked into the same level of presence on Google, for keywords? Sorry – I’m not sure how it all works!

    Art Munson

    To those folks trying to post their company’s “solution” to those wanting set up their own library: Please see – and help support MLR!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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