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    I have had a couple cues used on promos, and am not sure I there is anything I should do to be sure I get performance royalties.

    I was reading on the ascap site (my pro) about how payments work for promos. It sounds like ascap uses a service called competitrack to do a “complete census”. That sounds like they track all music used in commercials on promos.

    Is it standard operating procedure for the music supervisor to submit cue sheets for promos, or is it my responsibility to submit a claim request with my pro? I don’t see how competrack would have any ideas what my cues are to make it automated, so I assume it requires a cue sheet submission.

    These promos were on Fuse and Comedy Central, which are both monitored by competitrack.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    I called ascap today to check on the status of these two inquiries.  I was told the one on fuse network was closed because either ascap doesn’t collect royalties for this network, or they are so small it’s not worth it.

    The one on comedy central is still open.


    I had a promo on NBC that showed up registered at  ASCAP  with a (Promo)  as a suffix after the title  .  There wasn’t any cue sheet, but I did get paid a little. It looks like it only aired two times.   I suppose Jingle Punks registered the tune and the production company reported it.


    I’m getting hundreds of promo plays on various stations (TBS, Logo, etc..) In fact, my Tunesat account is WAY past maxed out because of these promos. One library is accounting for all these placements. Anyone here getting any good backend on these? Has your ASCAP(BMI) “survey” done you any justice?

    Art Munson

    Been discussed before.

    “BMI does pay on promos for TBS, VH1, WE, and TruTV – IF AND WHEN they submit a promo log. We actively pursue them and urge the stations to submit promo logs/cue sheets but they don’t always submit them on a regular basis. I would recommend you reach out to your contact at each station and ask them if they could submit the promo log/cue sheet as soon as possible.”

    Problem is most don’t bother to submit the promo logs.


    Thanks Art. It’s SO aggravating isn’t it?

    Art Munson

    It’s SO aggravating isn’t it?

    It is. I’ve had so many go unpaid, very frustrating.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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